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When I first created Lenscraft it was to share my Landscape Photography. And whilst I enjoy taking photographs I love sharing my knowledge with others. If you want to learn how I create my images, step inside the Lenscraft website. You will find everything you need to apply the same techniques to your own work. And don't worry if you're not a Landscape Photographer, the same principles can be applied to any type of photography.

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North Wales Coastal Sunset
Latest Work - April 2015

This coastal sunset scene was captured last November on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. The scene is around the headland from Penllech Beach. Crossing the rocks is tortuous due to all the seaweed.

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The image was captured using a Nikon D800 and Nikkor 19-35mm lens. Camera settings ISO100, f/14.0 and 0.8" shutter speed. The camera was tripod mounted and a two stop (0.6) Neutral Density graduated filter has been used to darken the sky. The image was captured in RAW format and then converted to a TIFF in Lightroom. Further adjustments were then applied using Topaz Detail.

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Whilst I have turned Lenscraft into a free learning resource for photographers everywhere it still remains an important part of my photography business. I still use it to display my work which I hope will give you ideas to apply in your own photography. And if you have your own website, why not sign up for free membership and ask to be added to the Members Sites section.

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